About Us

The IJCAI AI Festival

The AI Festival is an exciting and astounding festival of events hosted in Melbourne on Artificial Intelligence and its impact on society.  

It will involve the great thinkers in artificial intelligence, technology, the economy and the arts, so that a more informed public can make better decisions about the future society we desire and help create. 

The Rise of AI

2017 saw Artificial Intelligence (AI) become a topic of global discussion, influencing our lives and challenging future social and economic frameworks.  

It is already influencing the design and operation of future cities and transport systems, with smart cities and self-driving vehicles already a reality. More and more human work is being automated. In many businesses, such as Uber, an entire level of middle management has been replaced by computers, with workers reporting to computer APIs instead of humans.

What does all this mean for the future of work and our economic systems? Will continued automation lead to the destruction of the very financial system that created it? And how is AI affecting the rest of our social interactions? What about the arts, film and music? 

The International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence

 As part of this discussion, Melbourne is proudly hosting the 26th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI) from 19 to 25 August this year.

IJCAI brings together the world’s leading AI researchers, research institutes and businesses to learn first-hand about their newest research results and developments, and the latest trends in AI research and industry.

For the first time, the IJCAI Trustees are helping raise public awareness of AI and its impact on society by hosting the IJCAI AI Festival.  

Program of Events

The Festival program of events starts on 17 August and runs though to 26 August.

Events will include thought-provoking debates, workshops, talks, exhibitions, and performances, to explore the way artificial intelligence is already affecting our lives and how it will continue to do so. It will be open to the public with many free events featuring world-leading researchers and experts in AI. It will include immersive events and discussions including film, music, law, politics, writing, economics, all focused on AI and the future of society. 

The AI Festival will have something for everyone.